Playtech Takes Home the Gold for Best Online Casino

After conducting a comprehensive review of Playtech’s business practices, GamCare has decided to award the company with its very first safe gaming standard. This decision was made public in the wake of GamCare’s announcement. This newly created standard takes into consideration a number of aspects, such as the backing of the company’s leadership and the culture of the online casino, as well as the methods in which manufacturing teams incorporate safer gaming features into the design and development of each product.

According to GamCare, the firm was chosen to get the award for implementing safer gambling standards because of its casino products as well as all of its platform activities that are regulated within the United Kingdom. This was the basis for the selection of Playtech to earn the award.


Increasing Expectations Within the Sector

Richard Bayliss, a Senior Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager at Playtech, highlighted how delighted the company is to have been received this honor from GamCare. GamCare is an organization that regulates the gaming industry. He also mentioned that with Playtech’s online casino goods and services, many of which serve as beacons of industry leadership, the company has always worked extremely closely together with its licensees in order to encourage the raising of responsible business and safer gaming standards. He said that this was done through Playtech’s online casino products and services.


Mr. Bayliss further mentioned that since 2018, Playtech has made it a point to increase its strategic emphasis by collaborating with academics, thought leaders, charities, and the gambling industry in order to fulfill its pledges to achieving long-term success. He proceeded by noting that Playtech is glad that GamCare has made a point of highlighting the efforts made by businesses to place safer, more responsible gaming at the center of everything that they do. Bayliss also promised that Playtech would continue to challenge itself and develop new products and solutions for online casinos that will help to fulfill the needs of regulators, customers, and licensees. Bayliss made both of these promises in his speech.


A GamCare Standard for the Promotion of Safer Gambling

The Head of Safer Gambling Standards at GamCare, Hayley Jane Smith, stated that Playtech has been awarded level two out of three in her company’s B2B standard because the company demonstrated a clear focus and understanding of the need to continue to develop and improve upon its approach to safer gambling. This is why Playtech was awarded level two out of three in her company’s B2B standard.


She went on to say that the service provided by Playtech was validated by conducting in-depth assessments at all levels of management of the company’s product design, governance, personnel training, and innovative capabilities. Ms. Smith finished by stating that GamCare is excited about the prospect of maintaining its connection with Playtech while it strives to enhance the safety of its gambling practices.


The GamCare safer gaming standard is an independent quality measurement that examines the actions that online casino enterprises have put into place in order to safeguard their consumers from all of the potential hazards that are associated with gambling. This standard was developed by GamCare, which is a charity organization.

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